Friday, October 30, 2009

Help! I'm Surrounded By Lumber!

Looking at all this lumber I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Yikes! What have I got myself into. Maybe I should have started making a small planter box instead of this big thing. Well, one step at a time will hopefully get me there. That's what I tell myself anyway. First I measured and cut the corner posts. Then I measured and cut the rest of the wood.
Big box cut and ready to assemble.
All cut except for the corner posts for the small box.
Then I took a break and went to see where the chickens were and found them digging holes looking for good things to eat. When I started to take this photo the Wyandotte was scratching around in the hole to the left, but when she saw the Orpington eating something she scurried over to share in the goodness. Opportunist!
I did try to finish the box before I ran out of daylight, but I finally had to call it quits. Just two more boards on this side and then I can start putting the other box together. I should know and plan for everything taking longer than I think it will. I think I will cut some wood to cover the corner posts and I need to remember to find the level. I wonder if I should level the box or leave it on the slope. I'll have to measure and see what the difference looks like.

Kristine came home and told me to quit. Of course I did what she said. She even made dinner. When I came in, she had hot dogs and the fixings all ready. How 'bout that! Such a deal! She's a treasure! Called my brother and Sandy and wished them a Happy Birthday! Then I tried to talk them into making a blog. I'm so bad. They could make some awesome posts about life in the desert with some terrific photos. And Sandy could make wonderful posts about her stained glass work and her great recipes. She is a great cook!

[3 eggs today]
One in the morning for breakfast.
The other two were in time for dinner.


Tanya said...

Wow, you are so busy! I have a feeling you could teach Tetsu a thing or two. Measuring? Not for him. And as for brick laying, he jumped up and down on his gravel to get it flat. He said it was the first time he ever felt his extra weight paid off.

Callie said...

Tanya: Measure? Yes, but only the first board, then I use it to mark and cut the rest. Level? Yes, jumping works for me too and stamping my heels in the loose dirt. I forgot to write about the jumping. Weight: Yes, that would help. What was I thinking trying to get rid of it.

Becky's Barnyard said...

I know it is hard work, but it will lo0k great. You really are very good at this, aren't you?