Thursday, October 08, 2009

One Egg, Two Eggs,

Golden Lace Wyandotte
Five eggs total today, but only two this cool Fall morning and pretty good for this slow part of the year. There were only the two eggs this morning when I went looking and only two hens in the nest boxes. The other hens all skedaddled, when Kristine let them out, and headed for the woods, the greenhouse or the porch. Some of them do hang out on the porch for awhile in the morning and try and talk me into giving them some treats. There are hens who come by the slider on the porch during the day and try and talk me into giving them a snack. Morgan likes the hens treat time too, because I give her doggie treats.
I put the two eggs together in the middle nest so I could get a picture.
There are molting feathers in the nest.
I think Orp-Roo is growing feathers!
Dark Brahma
This Dark Brahma is molting feathers all over. I hope the hens hurry up and grow new feathers so they will be warm this winter. I had to use the flash because it is dark enough even in the day that it is hard to see in the coop without the additional light.

The pink is almost gone in the kitchen, but I have to put on at least one more coat of mud. That means one more day for the joint compound to dry, but probably four days or more after I get the rest of the mud smeared around before I can sand and then paint. Tom went out to get more wood today and got me another gallon of joint compound on the way back, so I'm all ready to go when the pink is gone. I did a little path raking this afternoon. I'm working on a sore throat. Phooey. When the seasons change, it is time for me to catch cold.

[5 eggs today]



diane said...

The hens look like they have a cosy coop for winter.

lisa said...

They sure do start to look funny when they start molting! Hope the cold doesn't get to bad! Take care Callie!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Callie, I wish i had the nerve to let my girls free range but I'm so afraid I can't get them back in to roost and we have so many skunks,coons and coyotes around!
Maybe I can teach the new Border Collie to round them up! HA! :)

Callie said...

diane: Tom runs a heat lamp out to the coop if it get really cold, but he has only had to do that a few time.

lisa: The chickens look terrible when they are molting. I wish they would do a quicker job of it and get their new feathers. Thanks, I'm feeling better.

Carol: I guess you could let two or three out in the late afternoon and stay out with them to keep them safe until they go back in the coop. When we first let ours out they wouldn't go very far away from the coop until they were used to the area. Hope your Border Collie takes to being a chicken herder.