Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Scratch, Please?

These big white Light Brahma hens crack me up. They are big enough to be pushy and bossy, but they are very good natured and even a bit timid at times. This hen is checking me to see if I have more scratch to toss out for her to look through. There are some things in the scratch the hens like a lot more than others. They leave the "others" in the dirt for the wild critters.
There are enough feathers floating around to clothe several chickens. Amazing that the hens don't look bald. They do have some sparse patches here and there. Poor chickens. It must be terrible to have to molt every year. Rain is on the way. For sure by Tuesday. I don't think they can get their feathers grown out by then, but maybe the cold weather will kick their feather production into high gear. I want my chickens to have their feathers grown out for winter!
Tom still has more wood to stack in the wood shed, and luckily he still has some room for this wood. I'm sure he will have it all stacked tomorrow and out of the possible showers Sunday night and Monday. It is a great feeling to have the winter wood put away safe and dry and ready for the cold days ahead.

[6 eggs today]


lisa said...

Good for Tom, we have hardly made a dent in our wood!

Becky's Barnyard said...

I saw the pile of feathers and my first thought was something got one of your hens. Glad it is just molting.