Monday, October 05, 2009

Getting in the Spirit of Halloween - Boooooo!

And in the spirit of Fall and Thanksgiving... all that stuff! I love this time of year. Halloween was my favorite holiday when I was a kid back in the olden days in the 40's. I loved getting dressed up as someone else. I loved all the preparation. I remember we would make and decorate our own trick-o-treat sacks out of paper grocery bags. And we would make our own costumes out of old clothes we or our friends had. We all shared. I loved being with a group of kids, all family and friends, and spending the evening and part of the night out on our own going house to house, seeing all the decorations, seeing all the costumes and getting all the treats. Hey, I know how my chickens feel when they get their treats. Happy! That's it. We were happy, busting out loud, running around, laughing, giggle, happy.

I don't think kids have fun anymore. And I mean innocent fun, not any kind of Trick "fun" that I know a very few kids did get into. Pushing over outhouses was not my idea of fun. I know my own children never got to be on their own because of all the worries parents were saddled with. Their fun was very controlled. Parties at home, trick or treat only at known neighbors with a parent by their sides, or parties at school made up my kids Halloween memories. Good grief, poor kids, what kind of fun was that? Sorry kids.

We don't get trick-or-treaters out here in the sticks and we don't really decorate much anymore either. Tom did find the haunted house and put batteries in it and set it up next to the wood stove and a fake pumpkin that we got when Kristine was in Australia. Kristine is our pumpkin carver and she said she is going to get some pumpkins this year and do some carving. I will try and make a video of the haunted house to post on Halloween and for sure I will get some photos of the pumpkins that Kristine carves. She is a pumpkin artist!

I plan to get a pumpkin for the chickens and I think I will even do a little carving on it. Hmmm, maybe I will even do a little chicken coop decorating? Maybe?

Videos of the hens eating treats all look much the same, but this time this Light Brahma decided she wanted the piece of lettuce that I dropped on the floor inside. I guess it was a grass is greener thing going on with her. The lettuce in the house is better?

[1 egg today]
Yikes, one egg.


Becky's Barnyard said...

I like your halloween decorations. And I really like your video of your chickens. Is Morgan trying to herd the chickens back out?

DayPhoto said...

So much fun here, it's nice to stop and visit!


Callie said...

Becky's Barnyard: No. Morgan is just excited and running around, because the chickens are excited about the lettuce and noisy and running around. They set each other off.

DayPhoto: Glad you stopped by.