Friday, October 23, 2009

First come, First Served

Not these girls. These hens are the ones who come last when I call the chickens to come for a grain treat. Most of the hens come out of the woods and rush towards me, some flapping, all excited to get to the grain. But these hens come late (or not at all) and will only come up to check for grain after the other hens have finished. So, I went off to the side away from the other chickens and left a "puddle" of grain just for them. It is interesting how the chickens have decided who can go where and do what. Two Buff Brahamas, a Wyandotte and a Buff Orpington.

This is the front path next to the gate. Kristine and I had a discussion about "gophers" making tunnels around trees and on the paths and driveway. After the windy storm, I thought that at least some of these places where the dirt was turned up was made by tree roots moving the soil and was a sign of the tree possibly coming down. Kristine went with gophers. Well, I guess I'll win if this tree falls over. This is one I would like to lose. Correction: Kristine said "moles" not gophers. Oops!

Apples! Nice surprise to see that there were about ten apples on the tree. The last few years we have had some very bad weather that knocked the blossoms out of the trees. The cherry tree didn't have any cherries and I didn't think the apple tree would have any apples.

Morgan was all tired out and I guess this was her way of cooling off next to the slider. Morgan is such a good dog and cute too! Tom brought in a box of kindling for the wood stove. Next he will burn the box. Or take it out and fill it up again? We had some more wood delivered today.

[no eggs today]
It is supposed to be 75 tomorrow.



Nancy K. said...

Morgan is SUCH a pretty girl!

Arlene said...

What a lovely blog!!

Callie said...

Nancy K.: Yes, Morgan is pretty cute and she has a wonderful personality.

Arlene: Thank you! Thanks for commenting.