Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brick Puzzle

Setting the bricks is like putting together a big puzzle. To lay bricks correctly you are supposed to use builder sand and compact and level the surface, etc. I'm not going for perfect. This is an old place and I'm going for an old weathered uneven look. After the bricks are down, I shoveled some dirt on top and worked it into the spaces between the bricks by hand and with the broom. I would use sand if I had any. I found a break in the chicken wire in the corner and fixed it so the critter that ate my rose bushes can't get in that way again.
All done. I will need to repeat this dirt step several times after it rains until the cracks fill up. I moved that white brick around to mark where the sunshine stops. The sun is higher in the summer so I think the sun will shine on all the area in the box. The sun has to make its way through and past a lot of trees. Some of this area gets morning sun when the sun gets high enough to shine over the roof. The rest of the time it is shining through trees.
One planter box seems like a good idea, so why not two?
I dug up the green stuff and moved it to places that were bare. Tomorrow I can start the fun part and get out my power tools and start cutting wood. I enjoyed moving the bricks around.

[1 egg today]
The chickens haven't eaten hardly any of the pumpkin.
Kristine and I are going to get our hair cut tomorrow.


Deb said...

Your brickwork looks great :) Your planter boxes will fit in nicely and be so pretty.

I chuckle when you mention your power tools. My husband gives them to me for gifts at christmas. I know you realize how much easier they make my life here on the farm :)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I just did my hair this past Saturday. Donated 12" to locks of love.

hubs and I will be doing a meandering brick path next summer. I want a little grass to come in between my bricks for the path. I don't care for perfect either.

Are you filling in the entire area or leaving some open for plants?


DayPhoto said...

Take your pumpkin and cut it into half, leave the strings and the seeds intact. Put the pumpkin in the pen by the feeder. They will pick at it. When the seeds and strings and some meat are gone, throw it into the compost heap as they won't eat any more.


Nancy K. said...

Your brickwork is BEAUTIFUL! Want to come build me a stone wall???

My chickens love pumpkins. They'll peck at whole ones and if I give them chunks, they'll eat everything right down to the skin.

Becky's Barnyard said...

Your brick work looks great. I see Morgan catching a few rays.

Callie said...

Deb: Thanks for the kind words. Hooray for power tools. Christmas is near. Hope you get some more tools.

A Stitch In Thyme: You made someone very happy! Your path sounds delightful. I'm building planter boxes in the dirt areas. Then maybe I'll plant vegetables?

DayPhoto: I'd cut the pumpkin up, but I want to give the chickens a hard puzzle so they have something to do.

Nancy K: Thank you! I would build you a wall if I could. My chickens eat the pumpkin down to the skin too.

Becky'sBarnyard: Thank you! Morgan is cutie and she likes the sunshine.