Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look Ma, Feathers!

We want out! Now!

The hens were making lots of noise when I went out to give them some lettuce and cantaloupe. About half of the hens were out in the pen walking around on the wet ground and acting like they were confused about the mud. They weren't scratching and they wanted out. Tomorrow. Tomorrow they can go out in the woods, but they have had to stay inside yesterday and today, because I don't want to let Morgan out in the rain. The chickens are fine in the rain, but poor Morgan gets too wet and dirty.

The middle photo is of Orp-Roo (in the front) and shows that she has grown her feathers back in finally. I found the duct tape in the pen the other day and knew her saddle had come off, but didn't spot which Orpington was Orp-Roo until today. She is much improved. When I put the duct tape on her she didn't have any feathers on her back and her wings were bare at the shoulder too. Now she is fluffy.
All the green on the ground has been blown there by the storm along with other stuff out of the trees. I can start my raking campaign tomorrow. I'll rake a few hours every day. That's the plan.

I got the drawer fronts on the cabinets! I'll paint as soon as it is warm enough to open the windows.

[no eggs as of 6 pm]
I think the chickens are mad at me
for locking them up.


diane said...

Maybe the storm put them off layng. The ground looks pretty with all the leaves. That must be a big job raking.

DayPhoto said...

Beautiful leaves! My chickens are still trying to grow thier feathers back. Sigh


lisa said...

I am glad to hear she is getting her feathers back finally!

Callie said...

diane: I'm glad the hens started laying again. I raked about half of the driveway today until I got too tired. Yep. It's a big job.

DayPhoto: Hope your hens grow their feathers in soonest.

lisa: Yep. Me too. I'm so glad Hen/Roo has feathers.