Friday, October 02, 2009

My Chickens Are Smart

It may not look like these hens are doing anything particularly intelligent, but I think they are pretty smart. At least these hens have got themselves in a warm spot that gets the last rays of the sun, standing on a hunk of concrete that is giving back the heat it has absorbed all day, and they are out of the wind on the protected side of the wood shed. I don't have much of an idea about what they have found to eat in the straw I dropped, but scratching around there is a great excuse for staying in a comfortable place. From left to right: two Buff Brahmas, Curly the Cochin, a Dark Brahma, an Orpington and a Wyandotte are the smart girls.
Morgan wanted to go with me when I went to water the green garden, but not to pal around with me. She wanted to eat some grass. I think Morgan has a tummy ache? The green garden is the only place that has any grass and there is not much left after the last time she munched on it. I was growing a little patch of grass for the chickens, but the hens didn't want to eat it. They want lettuce and veggies. My two little spider plants that I potted are still sitting there in the garden and will stay out there until I hear a freeze is coming, then I'll bring them in the house for the winter.
I sanded the tops of the old table and another little ol' table and gave them a coat of paint on the level surfaces, when I gave the drawer ends I found a second coat. Remember the board I found, sanded, primed, and painted that was going to cover the holes where the drawers won't fit because of the cooktop. Well, I don't need that board anymore because I found the drawer ends. Such is life. I'm thinking about how to use the board to finish the end of the counter. Maybe.

I tried out some different colors of green paint on the wall and I think I am going to go with the darker green. But, I may end up using different shades of green on some of the walls depending on how much paint I have. I put the hardware on the cupboard doors. I'm doing all this other stuff because I still haven't figured out exactly how I am going to finish that board on the end of the kitchen cupboard.

[5 eggs today]
I collected 4 eggs this afternoon
and Kristine found a Cochin egg when she locked up.


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Nancy K. said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say "Hi!"

I just started my chicken blog ~ have been blogging about my Shetland sheep for years ~and would like to link to other chicken blogs. I can't believe how much fun (and how addictive!) chickens are and what incredible personalities they have...