Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Last Rose?

The last Rose of the season? It was the last one on any of the bushes at the dentists office. I had to go to the dentist to see a flower? Sad but true. The rose looked very nice with the cedar tree for a backdrop, even if the petals were a little damaged on the edges. I have to go back in two weeks. Maybe there will be another rose?
We left the chickens locked up in their coop and pen, and Morgan locked up in the house. Tom thought to ask me if I wanted to let the chickens out with Morgan, but I said no, because most of the time when something bad has happened to the hens it has been when we were not home. Eggs? I'm thinking eggs. "Did you guys look for eggs when you locked up the chickens?"
I just came back in from collecting eggs and listening to the girls coo goodnight. Sheesh... We got home late and I was busy cooking dinner so someone else locked up the hens. Did they look for eggs? No. The "others" are watching tv and informed me that it is cold outside. Gee, really? Well, I didn't have the heart to rip them away from watching Bones. That would be too cruel.

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We stopped on the way home at my favorite lookout spot and I tried to make a video, but there were lots of people talking and noise and finally a motorcycle. So, I gave up on trying to make any more videos. I made two. The other one was worse than this one.

As I was watching the video, I was thinking that if you didn't know that there is a river way, way, way, down between those mountain tops you might just think those are hills. We are over 3000 feet were this video was taken. That's really not very high, but high enough for me. I hope we do get lots of snow this winter. I remember when snow was on those mountains in the background in the summer when we used to come up here in the 70's. Well, even since 1999.

It is cold, but it is clear and I prefer to think of it being brisk and invigorating. The thoughts at the dentist office are that we are going to have more snow this winter than rain because of the heavy fall of acorns we have had this last week. I don't know? These people have lived here a lot longer than I have. A lot of snow for us is between three and four feet. They get more at the other end of town which is higher up the mountain.

[6 eggs today]
Collected at 8:30pm and woke the girls up.
Girls not happy.



DayPhoto said...

I loved your video! I wish I could upload to my blog, but it costs money and I just don't want to spend.


Becky's Barnyard said...

I understand why you would want to stop and take this video. It is very pretty. I enjoyed it.