Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What Did You Say?

This Orpington followed me talking chicken cluck and coo language. I think she wanted me to go back the other way and put out some more lettuce and carrot peelings. She is a sweet hen and I wish she had a name, but I can't tell the Orpington's apart unless they are standing next to each other. The myrtle has made it through the summer heat waves and only looks a little fried. Tom locked up the chickens and collected the eggs today.
This was rather a slow day as far as photos go, so I went back and got another photo from last week. It was clear today, but not at all windy like it was in this photo. I worked on the kitchen some today cutting trim boards and smearing joint compound around over the sheet rock. I was going to post a photo but it was too scary. The joint compound is pink and dries to white, so it all looks a bit goofy because I now have a pink and white kitchen. I decided to wait until I get it all done and then post some of the pink before photos. There is more trim to cut, sanding to do and painting. And the pink needs to turn to white.

[4 eggs today]


Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

I'm back! So good to catch up with you, its late so only a short comment but wanted to tell you I enjoyed reading your blog again for the first time in forever! LOL I've missed you! Its so nice to see your well and all I've missed out on! I feel like I've been away from a good friend!

lisa said...

I love the second picture, Callie, it is just beautiful out there!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

My girls were in a talking mood this morning! I think they want me to bring their greens in the morning and their scratch in the afternoon instead of vice versa! HA!