Monday, March 23, 2009

Snow This Morning

What a strange day... I got up this morning picked up eggs, let the dog out, made Scottish oatmeal, took a photo of the bright shinning snow melty morning, went to eat my porridge, read my Daisy Dalrymple book and went to sleep. 

Hard to believe, but I just woke up and thought I had slept the clock around and that it was Tuesday morning instead of Monday after 6:00. I am still catching up on my sleep evidently or oatmeal is a great sleep enhancer.

I'll have to try making myself some oatmeal the next time I have trouble going to sleep. 

So, for the second exciting photo of the day I took another pic out the slider. The snow doesn't stick around very long once the sun comes out.

No snow forecast for the week so I'll be able to get outside. Yea!

And I would like to do some sewing this week too. I should be able to get something done. I feel sleepy and rested at the same time.

I gave Jean a call and naturally got her at dinner time. But she sounded like she felt better. I will give her a call later. 


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Tanya said...

Hope your Aunt Jean is feeling better and that you don't have anymore bouts of migraines. I've never heard of oatmeal making someone sleepy! I make my own granola (a lot of oatmeal!) but manage to stay awake (though hit the sack early!)