Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where'd the sun go? Rain? Snow?

Jean is not feeling well today.
I hope they find some pain meds that will work.
She was moved to a new room and has a different phone #.
Hugs and Kisses, Jean

Our sunny days are gone and we are due
for some rain and maybe even snow on Sunday.
I let the chickens out early so they could play
in the sunshine, but by 11:00 it was cloudy.
To tell the truth there was mist in the air
even when the sun was out earlier.
We need the rain, so it is a good thing.
I went to the door and called the chickens
to give them an apple core
and to take a cloudy day photo of them for the blog
but they are up to something
because they didn't come.
They must be behind the house?
They stay out and forage in the light rain
and only go in their coop if we get a heavy downpour.
The trees act like very large umbrellas.

I put out a fresh table cloth and this candle holder.
The holder used to belong to my step-mother Mary
and I got it by way of my mother-in-law Dolores.
I always loved its colors and especially
enjoyed watching green bayberry candles
burn in it at Christmas time.
I really don't care for the candle/holder
in there now but it is what I have.
I think I will go search around in my candle drawer
and see if I can't find something better.


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