Monday, March 16, 2009

Migraine Food

I woke up late today because
Kristine and Tom went to a movie and
the house was quiet and I just slept.
After I woke up I had two migraine episodes
but without the terrible pain
just the fortress lights, a bit of ache, and disorientation.

So, hmmm, does this mean that I ate too much
salt or sugar yesterday, or slept too long
and didn't eat and drink when I should have?
I remember I was bumping into stuff yesterday.
I thought that was a bad sign.
I am going to have to cut the salt way back.
And get some really good honey.
I'm not going to use that store brand
syrupy stuff 'cause I think that
because of the way it pours it is not all honey.

First I made the dog some rice.
Morgan gets rice added
to her dog food along with cottage cheese.
That's the rice under the chicken
with Kristine's school stuff in the background.

I decided to make myself something to eat while
I couldn't see very well, so the photos
are a bit off and out of order too.

The rice is the bell pepper, carrot, onion, mix
that I added chicken to.

This is my lemon water.
I miss my tea.

I reduced the chicken juices after
I added lemon, orange, curry, and raisins.

I read that curry is supposed to help with migraines.
I thought why not try it?
Since things are working out so well... not!

This is the chicken starting out with
the lemon and orange.
No salt. sigh....

And since I hauled this out to get at the lemon and orange slices.
I thought I would show you my answer to
plastic wrap.

When I was little around 1947
I remember my great Aunt Bertha
always put her leftovers in the refrigerator
stored like this.

Sometimes I use big bowls and use a plate or pot lid
for a cover.
Whatever works.

Well, it would be nice if the curry helps?
See what happens tomorrow.
This migraine stuff is getting to be a pain.
Ha! :)
Tom and Kristine just got home and
brought me more lemons and stuff!
Good thing I love veg, fruit and simple food
otherwise I would be a very unhappy camper.


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