Sunday, March 22, 2009

Snow Day

You can see from the photo that the snow is light
and has not covered the ground under the trees.
The snow is still falling
but sun is forecast for tomorrow
so I will enjoy the snow while it is here.

You can't really tell but the flag is wound up around
the pole because of the wind we had last night.
I was awakened by what sounded like ice or hail
pelting against my window.
But I didn't wake up all that much because
I went right back to sleep.
Now I wish I had got up to take a look.
[It is afternoon now and it is still snowing.
But it has stopped and I see blue patches of blue sky.]

Yesterday, I baked sweet potatoes
in my dutch oven on the wood stove.
I put a metal steamer in the bottom of the pot,
put the potatoes on that,
and put on the lid and in about
an hour they were done.
Pretty neat.

This morning I got to trek out through the scant snow
and collect 3 eggs and I made myself an omelet
with onion and red and green bell pepper.

Thing were working out pretty good
but I had the fire up a little too high and
there was a little burning starting

the real problem was
I picked up the plastic flipper for some reason.
I'm asleep?
You would think walking in the snow would wake me up?
Yes, I melted the flipper a bit.

I will call Jean later today
and hope to catch her when she is not napping
or eating or having physical therapy
or something.
Maybe, I should just get her address
and send cards?

[Jean said her new room is much quieter
and she got a good nights sleep
and that may be partly why she feels better today.
She said she remembers Grandpa Joe
saying that if he got a good night sleep he could
put up with most anything the next day.
Her gout was bothering her yesterday
but the meds are helping.]


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