Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling Better!

I didn't want to over do my first day of feeling Ok
so I started out collecting eggs.

Then I went out to get my gloves
and found that I had left them under a leak in the shed
so I put them in the sun to dry.
I took a photo because
they are the neatest gloves.
Knit on top so my hands don't get sweaty
and laytex or something on the palms and fingers.

Picked up mostly dry leaves
and put them in the pen
because the pen was getting too muddy.

Then I went over and raked up some
leaves and twigs and stuff
off of the driveway.

Checked back with the chickens
and filled the feeders and cleaned the nest boxes.
Morgan wants her chickens out of the coop
because she wants them all together.

But there are some late layers.
This little girl is telling me to go away.

And these three girls all want to lay their egg
in the same nest area.
Go figure?

There are lots of places for them to lay
but there seem to be favorite spots
that they compete over.
Silly chickens.


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