Friday, March 20, 2009

New Window

Looky there!
I was so glad that Tom found the screwdrivers.
So, I went outside to the chickens coop
to take off the broken window
found two eggs out in the chicken pen.
Very strange.
The girls have never done that before.

I put on the new window
and moved the ladder closer
so there won't be much room for them to hit the glass.
When Kristine gets home I will ask her
to take a look and maybe
we will just take the ladder out.
As soon as it warms up I will be leaving
the windows open.

I don't remember if I said before that my brother
built the chicken pen area originally as
two pens for his dogs and eventually
converted one of them to a chicken coop/pen.
Kristine and I have been thinking of enlarging
the pen by incorporating the other fenced area.
We will need to put on an anchor roof on the
other side to keep the critters out.
Another project for the summer.

These girls were giving me a bad time
as I fixed the window
and even as I bade them goodbye.

I thought I would put a photo of this wild plant
on my blog to keep as a record.
The plants grow near the fence line
behind the chicken coop.
There are not many of these plants and
only in a few shady areas.
I wish I knew the name of the plant.

I'm still taking it a bit easy
and haven't started sewing yet
because my eyes still get tired but
I'm better!

Jean sounded pretty good today.
Making jokes and laughing.
She had physical therapy.
Hugs Jean!


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