Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aunt Jean Update

Aunt Jean is still in the hospital and she has a lot of pain
but they are not going to cast her ankle.
She is going to get physical therapy and hopefully
learn to get in and out of bed within a few weeks.
Or she will need to go to a facility
and get physical therapy there until the ankle heals.
The physical therapy will continue
when she gets home.
Hope she gets to come home soon!

When Kristine went out to lock up the chickens last night
she noticed the broken pane.
The chickens are all fine. She even counted them.
I picked up the two broken bits of glass this morning
and went to the shed to get another window. 
Took it out to the coop to check the size
and it will fit even though it is a lower window.
It is thicker but the same size.
Then I went to get a phillips head, flat head and a punch
so I could take off the old hardware
and put on the new
there are no phillips heads anywhere
Beats me?
I looked in all the places they should be,
I guess I will have to keep looking
and I have a feeling that Tom has them.
I will have to give him a call.


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