Monday, March 30, 2009


[5 eggs]

This is the Welcome plaque that I have by my front door. I love this color scheme. The shades of blue in the flowers, the golds and browns and the green. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a quilt someday?

Since Kristine has Monday free we went down the mountain to town and I bought a book, Tolkien's The Hobbit. When the girls were in elementary school I bought a lovely Hobbit for them that had beautiful illustrations. But after the earthquake who knows what happened to the poor book. I look forward to reading The Hobbit again. This is a very nice edition with illustration by Tolkien. Here is the official Hobbit site for information about the Hobbit movie Peter Jackson may be making? And here is another site with more info.

I made a quick stop at the quilt store and managed to get out without buying anything. I am going to make up some more blocks and take them with me next time to better match the fabrics and determine what I need to buy.

We even lucked out and found an organic restaurant where we had rice bowls with spinach, red cabbage, red bell pepper, carrots, sesame, and a cayenne and ginger dressing. Very, very good.

We stopped by our department store to say hello to a clerk we know that works there to wish her lots of good luck because the store is thinking about maybe closing or selling out. Nobody seems to know what is going to happen. I sure hope the store stays open especially for the people who need the jobs but also for all the people who rely on it for a place to shop.

I am so bad. I put my camera in my purse so I could take some photos and then forgot I had it with me. Sigh...


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