Sunday, March 15, 2009

Migraine Update

I had a cluster of 7 migraines
(Feb. 17, 20, 26, Mar. 1, 5, 6, 7)
A week has passed since my last migraine!
So, I thought I would try and post the record
I started of the food I was eating.
I was hoping to identify any food triggers
and I should have started the record earlier
but I didn't think of it or feel well enough.
I used to just stop eating anything except water and rice
until the migraines stopped.
This time I tried to wait them out and
finally went to eating only fresh foods.

Such a grey old ugly photo!
But it will enlarge if you click on it.
I was also trying out the zoom on my camera
but I don't like the results.
If I do this again, I will have to turn the
brightness all the way up on the screen
and see if that helps.

On a lighter note here are some links of some horses.
Kristine sent me this photo here
when she was in Australia.
And I found this photo
yesterday here.


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