Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's in the tree"

When Kristine went to Australia in 2006, she was there from September through December and she took some great photos.
I am hurting for something to post so I went searching and found this pic of bats hanging in a tree. 

This tree was in the Royal Botanical Gardens across the bay from where she stayed. She loved her time in Sydney and would go back in a minute. She went to Australia as part of her class/study.

Click on the photo and you will get a good view of the bats. I'm still sleepy and didn't do much today. Hopefully, I will be out and about tomorrow. I think I am going to try writing Jean because it is too easy to call at the wrong time.

When I picked up eggs this morning I noticed that the chickens have been roosting instead of sleeping in their nest boxes. Hope they keep it up when it gets warmer.