Saturday, March 28, 2009

Egg Delivery

[6 eggs]

Today is the day that Tom
will make the egg delivery.

These are just some of the eggs.

The print out you see is from the hen cam here about how she doesn't wash her eggs and why.
I decided to follow her advice. As long as the nest boxes are clean so are the eggs. If the chickens have muddy feet the cold water works fine. I use a pencil and date each egg after I collect them. Next I will put rubber bands around the cartons.

I enjoy reading the hen cam blog and checking on the chickens. Silly maybe, since I have my own chickens to watch, but I like to check on the bunny. Candy is cute! Maybe we need a bunny too?

The eggs are different shades of brown and different sizes. I keep and use the large eggs that don't fit in the cartons. Anyway, that's my excuse so I can have lovely really large eggs for breakfast.

So, just because I started keeping track of how many eggs the girls are laying the count has gone down, because? They are laying eggs in the woods? They don't like the count? Too much pressure? 

Jean is not having one of her good days, but she did her physical therapy this morning and is going to have more this afternoon. She wants to go home and is working hard to be able to get out of bed and into her chair. I wish they could get her medication adjusted so she feels better.


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