Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blue Sky

There was snow, hail and rain today and last night.
But we have a break in the weather!
The blue sky and white clouds
are lit up by the setting sun.

Morgan had a trip to the groomer yesterday.
I haven't decided if she likes smelling of shampoo,
but I do know she wants to run around outside
and roll in the leaves.
Kristine had to pull two ticks off of her head yesterday
after she came home from the groomer.
Don't know if she got them here or there?

There is a water filled pad under the brown cushion.
In the hot, hot, summer days
we remove the cushion and
Morgan lays on the water pad,
which wicks away heat from her body.
She used to lay on the tile entry,
but when it gets so hot that the tile is warm
then she heads for the water pad.


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