Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fruit Trees

[6 eggs today]

Apple Tree

The apple tree has small 
leaf buds getting ready
to open.

My brother and SIL planted the trees
 and I'm sure
knew how to care for them better than I have.

Cherry Tree
I missed the cherry blossoms
this year. I hope the fruit set but
with all the snow, probably not.

Fig Tree
(far right edge of photo)
The story about the little
fig tree is that it was doing fine
producing fruit until a bear 
climbed in it one day and the poor tree
has never been the same since.
I have the branches supported but I haven't seen any fruit.

Apricot Tree

All of these trees are struggling 
for their share of the sun.
I have tried pruning them
but worry that I have damaged
them because all I know about
pruning trees is just what I read
on the internet.

The cherry tree is behind the apricot tree and there is an avocado tree
on the left that has never set fruit. However, it is healthy and
makes a lot of shade besides being a lovely looking tree.

The other problem the trees have
is the poor soil. Since this is the top
of the mountain all the good soil washed away long ago.
 I put chicken compost under the trees and that
seems to help. 

I called Jean and she says she is feeling better
today and she sounds like she feels good.
Her leg needs to be stronger to
support her so she can get in and
out of bed.


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