Monday, January 04, 2010

Winter Sun

Here is a photo to prove that the snow is gone and best of all there is actually some winter sunshine trying to warm up the leaves and chickens. The hens head off to this favorite spot to spend some time warming up and then they go to the shady places under the trees.

Kristine and Tom went to town and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Kristine said it wasn't bad and that she really liked that they hadn't made Watson stupid. Kristine saying the movie wasn't bad must mean it was OK, which probably means the movie was pretty good. I guess? I stayed home and slept in because I'm fighting off a cold and winning so far. I drank dill pickle juice which helped kill off the bugs in my throat. Kristine says that apple cider vinegar with the mother (bacteria) still in it works too.

Kristine wasn't able to get any mandarins today and will pick some up tomorrow so I can make some more cranberry sauce. I was brave tonight and cooked (steamed) some year old vacuum packed frozen salmon. Tom is still doing OK so I guess it was alright. Kristine and I had chicken. I had chicken because I like it and Kristine had chicken because salmon keeps her awake and she only eats it in the morning. Salmon keeps me awake too.

I messed around with my iron cookware this afternoon trying to re-season it a bit because I put some of them on the wood stove after they got wet and I wanted them dry so they didn't rust when I put them away. Well, I forgot them on the stove until I smelled smoke. Yikes! I burned the seasoning off. Well, some of it. All I had to do to the skillet was oil it, but the dutch oven and the chicken fryer wouldn't wipe clean. When I wiped them with oil the paper towel would come away black. So, I put them back on the wood stove for a bit and took them off before they got to the smoking stage and wiped them down and this time the paper towel came away clean. I know I'm supposed to put them in the oven to season, but my oven is not working.

I've been having fun re-reading the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey. It's been way over ten years since I read them and visiting that world was fun. I wish I had a fire lizard. But, chickens are a good second choice. At least they can fly even if they can't go between.

[0 eggs today]
The hens are on strike again.



Anonymous said...

Hi Callie, you have some beautiful birds over there in the US! They are so lucky to be able to wander around in the woods like that. I have a Wyandotte and some Orpingtons too. Your blog is wonderful, I'll be back to read more soon!

Toni aka irishlas said...

I miss using cast iron cookware. Once it's seasoned, you can't beat it!
I hope you feel better. Apple cider vinegar (with the mother) does a host of good things if taken on a regular basis. Now you have me curious - what kind of pickle juice?

lisa said...

I have never heard of those remedies, I will have to remember that. Hope you keep fighting it!

diane said...

It is probably too cold for them to lay eggs, keeping their bottoms warm. Nice to see the sun. We had sun today as well. I love salmon. I've never knew it could keep you awake.

The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

Glad to hear you've got rid of your snow Callie, but I think you've sent it to us, it's Freeeeeezing here, and we're not really used to it - would you like it back...?

Chicken Boys said...

The world of Pern. I haven't heard of that in years. One of my favorite books is Watership Down by Richard Small. When I was in high school I was working on a fishing boat for the summer. I was bored between drags and found this tattered paperback with the cover ripped off. I thought it was going to be about pirates or something like that with the title. Turned out it was about rabbits! Go figure! It's a good read if you haven't done so. You should check it out!

DayPhoto said...

If you get a chance to see AVATAR go! It is fun and delightful. The story line is simple but effective.


Gus, Louie and Callie said...

We are so sorry about your snow. We are sure you will get more soon.
Now does having chicken for dinner scare the chicks? Do they know what is up?
Dad loves it when Mom makes chicken fried steak. It really seasons that old cast iron skillet...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Becky's Barnyard said...

What a pretty picture; but, I love to see the snow also. I very seldom get snow here. It did have little snow flurries here yesterday but it didn't stick. Hope you better now. I getting very few eggs also.

Kristine said...

The vinegar works because it changes the PH balance in your throat. Most viruses and bacteria can't adapt to the sudden change fast enough to survive. A teaspoon or two of Braggs vinegar with Mother in hot water with honey taken three times a day will help enormously with a sore throat. If you can't get that type of vinegar, then dill pickle juice will do the job. Don't heat it up, just pour it straight out of the jar. I tend to use the brand name Claussens kosher dill pickles.

Hope that helps info wise. :)