Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snow and Rain

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  The chickens are staying inside the coop. An Australorp  ran out in the pen clucking away when she heard me walking in the snow bringing warm water, but then she turned around and ran right back inside. I can see a hen looking at me through the glass. Boo!   The weather is  pretty bad farther up the mountain where there is more snow, snowy fog and windy storm are making driving very dangerous. I'm staying away from the tv news about all the falling trees. We are getting lots of storm, rain and a some snow so far.
   Today I was going to take some photos of all the mushrooms that have sprung up, but the snow covered them up and I didn't look for them. Hard to know what is going to happen with the snow forecasts. We are due another big storm so we will probably get hit with snow. I hope Kristine and the other drivers will be safe on the roads and I hope the trees stay upright.
   The snow was being melted by a new rain storm when I went out with the warm water. I stopped and took a photo of my neat little drainage ditch that is diverting runoff water from the chicken coop and pen. It works!
   I miss reading blogs and posting. I know I wanted rain, but I didn't know we were due an El Nino.

[2 eggs today]
3 eggs yesterday


PS: I don't know why the top paragraph is black?


lisa said...

I think this is the first winter picture I have seen;)

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Hey Callie, my goodness you are haing a time of it! The weather is so crazy this year! We were in a deep freeze for 9 days and now it's like Spring here. We had thunder storms, lightning and pouring rain all night, heavy fog this morning but the forecast is for sun and 75 degrees today. I'm sending warm thoughts your way, hang in there girl it can't last forever! :)

Chicken Boys said...

Hope it ends soon. Saw on the Today Show this morning that homes in Cali are being evacuated due to mud slides from all the rain.