Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pine In The Chicken Pen

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   It took four big armfuls of pine branches to put a layer of pine over the chicken pen and the pen is now looking a lot nicer and the chickens seem to like being off the wet ground. It is raining now, I put the feed inside, and some of the hens are standing outside in the rain. I hope I don't have frozen chickens tomorrow. I think I will block the exit tonight after the hens go to bed so they will have to stay inside the coop tomorrow. Silly chickens.

  What large thighs! The Orpington in the bottom photo looks so cute with her fluffy pantaloons.

   First time I got a rash from pine I carried yesterday. I have read about people getting reactions. Or Kristine said maybe it is poison oak from the pine or Morgan. I think it was from the pine because the rash is going away already.
   This is a lovely boring rainy day. I like days when nothing happens. I've had too many exciting days and even the best of them are wearing on a person after awhile.
   Rainy day chicken puzzle
I'm not doing too well with this puzzle. I think I will go back to reading.

[2 eggs today]
Rainy day eggs even!



Diana said...

I'm, afraid I didn't do very well with the Chicken Puzzle either. Too many moving parts!! Ohmygoodness that hen has HUGE thighs. Somebody's been eating very well.

Hope your rash is better soon.

Kristine said...

LOL! You guys sound like the Big Bad Wolf.

"Why Little Hen, what big things you have!?"

Callie said...

Diana: Sorry about the puzzle. I went back for another try and finally to my surprise finished it.
I like the hen house in the picture!

Kristine: My dear daughter has informed me that she was half asleep when she wrote that and she meant to write Little Red Riding Hood and thighs not things. Get some sleep, kiddo! LOL

diane said...

Reading on rainy days is what I love doing too. I love the hen's pantaloons.

Toni aka irishlas said...

The pine is an interesting idea to put in the run. I would have never thought of it. We've been using straw which gets muddy and heavy. It's a workout for sure mucking out the chicken run!
Your Orph does have pretty pantaloons!

Chicken Boys said...

Wow. That puzzle was much harder than it looked. I knew where the pieces needed to go. But I couldn't get them there. Have a great week.

lisa said...

I hope the rash is all better.

Tanya said...

Why I just played with that puzzle when I have dishes to wash and blogs to read and e-mails to answer and sewing to do, I don't know... It was fun!