Friday, January 08, 2010

More Adventures With The New Blogger Editor

Click on the photos to see an enlarged view. 

Here is a photo of an Orpington hen settled down for the night. I disturbed her looking for eggs and with the flash. She is not happy. Her bunk partner got up and left before I could take the photo.

This post is also a test of how I can use Blogger's new editor to word wrap text around photos. Not quite sure how I managed this top photo, but it is working so far. I tried justifying this paragraph. I don't know if it is harder to read text justified or not. The text looks pretty on the page when it is justified.

When the 1st photo uploaded into the photo upload box, I double clicked on it and it showed up in the upper left hand corner of the editor. I didn't pay any attention to where my cursor was, so next photo I will put the cursor at the lower right and see if the photo zooms down there.

(edit: When I double clicked on the second photo it did show up under the top photo in the editor somewhat near the cursor, but it showed up centered. Evidently the default is for the photo to show up centered? I am finding that the photos show up in the editor centered and then I have the choice to choose a position for them or drag the photo where I want.

This Light Brahma is coming to me because she thinks I have some food treats for her and her buddies.

There seems to be a lot of space left under the bottom of the photos. I can't get text to move over and fill the space. Would be neat if Blogger plans to add a photo caption feature that would fit under the photo and left the space there on purpose. Maybe?

I don't like the fact that there is no spell checker in the new editor. I guess if I make lots of spelling mistakes I will have to go back to the old editor.

Should I keep the new editor? I tried it out last year and went back to the old editor. Using the old editor is much more comfortable, but this editor is kinda fun and I like learning new things. I wish blogger had more word publishing tools available for bloggers that would make blogging more fun. Next I would like to play around with a different page format. I'll have to go back and take a look at the options available. I know I don't want to get a page that has text read all across the screen. They are very hard to read and no fun.

I guess I will keep using this new editor for a while and see how we get along. Word wrapping and the larger editor window are a plus for me. Also being able to upload a lot of photos instead of only five at a time is a big plus. I used to work in publishing and having all that space around the photos used to bug me. But, now there is extra space under the photos. But not as bad as all the white space at the sides of the photos.

The third photo is of rosemary and sage plants that have gone wild in the abandoned green house garden. There is some myrtle growing in there, but besides these two herbs and the myrtle there are only lots of weeds and leaves. Oh, dear... I really do need to do something with the green house and garden area. They are on my list of stuff to do. First rake leaves then the green house. Or paint? Or?

(edit: I had to go back after I posted and choose the small size for the photos because they just didn't fit or look good with the wrapped text at a larger size.)

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Diana said...

It looks like you're having fun with the editor! I haven't tried a lot of the features you've talked about...maybe one day.

Cute pictures of your hens! (and yesterday too!) Your Hen-Roo is so cute. I'd really love to have some hens here, but I'm pretty sure the coyotes would love them too.

diane said...

I love the little white henwith the snow boots on.I haven't been brave enough to try the new editor as I had read lots of complaints about it. I'll be following your progress interestingly. I might give it a go soon.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

You are doing a great job with that new editor.. We are so proud of you. The chickens seem pretty happy.. Guess they got over the flashie beast...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

John Gray said...

i have seven golden buffs and they are the most gentle of all my hens, stately, sweet natured and bloody poor egg layers

Tanya said...

I like the new wrapped look!