Friday, January 01, 2010

Wait For Me

I wish everyone a Happy New Year! Last year at this time as I remember we were still worried about forest fires and we didn't hear any explosions at midnight. Last night there were several (5 or 6) loud booms that woke Kristine up. I was still up, but I didn't go out to see if the booms were accompanied by fireworks. I'm just glad everything is wet from the rain. No fires, please.

When I let the chickens out they took off for the woods with Morgan trailing behind. I walked around for a bit taking photos hoping for something I could post in the sidebar. Turns out it was the first photo I took. The hens were very happy to get cut up ham hock skin for a treat. Kristine said that some of the hens stayed on the porch next to the slider where it was dry and warm.

I tried cleaning up my blog sidebar a little bit. I started off this blog by adding blogs I read to my blog list, but quit adding any more because I have so many. Now I have folders of blogs I read book marked and the whole blog reading and commenting thing is getting out of control. I need to make a new plan. I like Tanya's blog layout. Nice and clean. Love to read her blog.

Oh, yes, I need to announce the bean ruling. The Mayo Clinic No Gas soak method really did result in 98% gas free beans. I suppose the results depend on the type of beans, how many rinsings (10+-) and soaks (I soaked the beans in water before I did the hot soak) the beans are put through. And I cooked the beans in new water after I rinsed the hot soak water away.

[1 egg today]
The sun has been hiding and turned off egg laying.
That's my take on the situation.



jrosey said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by! Impressive that you blogged every day last year...holy moly! I find that I go through slumps where I don't really think I have much to talk about. But this is such a fun and positive creative outlet...gotta love the blogging! :)

flowerweaver said...

Happy new year Callie! Your woods look so inviting, what a lovely photo. Wishing you and all your critters a fabulous 2010!

Tanya said...

Thank you. That's interesting because there are some blogs that I really like their look and wonder if I could change. But I have a feeling that I'd end up losing everything so I'll keep things they way they are.

diane said...

Happy New Year.

Jennifer said...

I love this picture, there is something so peaceful and inviting about trees and the woods.