Thursday, January 28, 2010

View From My Kitchen

   A blog I read here (Gardens, Chickens, and Folk Music) tagged her readers to post a photo of the view from their kitchen. I have posted a photo of the window over my sink in a post last year. (My Kitchen window last year.) Not too much has changed in that view.

   But I can also look up and from the kitchen I can look out the windows at the top of the A frame end wall and usually I can enjoy blue sky and green trees, but this afternoon it is overcast and a bit dreary looking. When we first moved here I tried washing these windows, but after having to deal with all the dead birds that would crash into the glass I decided dirty windows were OK and aside from trying to get the cobwebs under control once in a while I let the windows take care of themselves. Clean windows around here are a wildlife hazard for birds. I don't want a deer to run into my slider either. 

   If I look across the kitchen and out the slider by the table there is a view across the driveway of trees and a row of bushes. These hens  planted themselves in a sunny protected spot under the bushes to catch the warmth of the sun. I took this photo when I was outside today, but if I had been in the kitchen I could have seen them through that slider.

Dark Brahma, Dark Brahma, Orpington, Buff Brahma, Wyandotte and there are chickens under the branches. I can see a chicken's head.

   There are actually two other windows and another slider I can see through from the kitchen. There is the slider next to the wood stove. the window over the window seat and the window by the front door. Oh... I just remembered that there is glass in the top of the door so I can see into the entry from the kitchen.  I can keep track of most everything from there. I can even see the gate from the kitchen window if I look along the side of the motor home and down the driveway.

   My brother and Sandy built this house and I remember my brother saying that since he was going to be living surrounded by trees he wanted to be able to see them when he was inside. So, this is pretty much a house of windows. But even so, the house is sited on the property in such a way that the sun mainly shines in the back windows. I only get very late afternoon sun through the kitchen window and never direct sun through the A windows. This all works out very, very well in the summer when we are getting temps in the hundreds, but I do miss the sunshine in the winter.

   I spent some time outside raking leaves and shoveling mud. It is amazing to me how the soggy leaves can dry out so fast with only a few days of not so warm sun.  Raking all the leaves is going to take some time especially since rain is due again tomorrow afternoon and Saturday.

   All the time I was outside raking leaves a woodpecker was up above me in that oak tree with the moss on it (I posted a photo yesterday) hammering away non stop. I wonder if he is making a hole in the tree for a nest. I think it is too late to store acorns? I couldn't get a look at the woodpecker to identify him. This is an informative site about acorn woodpeckers here.

   I walked around the property and picked up more downed pine branches and put them in the chicken pen. Smells nice.

PS: I found this site that explains a lot about why and when chickens do and don't lay eggs.
(A Pacific Northwest Extension Publication, Oregon State University, Washington State, University of Idaho)

(January 28, 2009)
This quilt business is sad.
It is all tucked away in a drawer.

[1 egg today]



diane said...

I see that you have chickens on your windowsil as well as on the porch. You have a restful view from your slider.

lisa said...

I unfortunately, don't have a kitchen window, my kitchen is in the middle of the house:( I sure wish I did though!

Jennifer said...

I just ♥ your lil sign in your kitchen window... Lifes Short Eat Cookies, aint that the truth, lol

TiffanyfromMD said...

Your chickens are so pretty! Thanks for the link on understanding egg production, very appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hi Callie,
Once wrote an article on acorn woodpeckers (redheads that live in our coastal area). They peck holes to hide acorns and also make that sound to communicate with other woodpeckers; a territorial thing! Interesting, huh?

Callie said...

diane: Yes, I'm surrounded by chickens. LOL

lisa: Windows are nice, but they take up a lot of wall space. I don't have anywhere to put anything up against a wall. There's always a down side to things.

Jennifer: Yep, love my sign!

Tiffany: Thank you. Glad you liked the link.

Lee: Thank you for the information about the acorn woodpecker. I knew about hiding the acorns, but I didn't know they would pound away all day just to say, "Hi, I'm here." Yes, very interesting.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Love the view! What great windows you have.
Life is too short! Eat cookies, good chocolate, and enjoy a glass of wine!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Mom likes your idea of letting the windows take care of themselves..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Callie said...

Toni: Thank you! Good advice.

Gus, Louie and Callie: Windows are smart. They will be OK. LOL

Cottage Garden said...

What a lovely view from your kitchen window - just posted mine too! Your 'chickens on the porch' header is a delight!

Glad to have found you via Toni.


~Kim~ said...

I love the view from your window! The kitchen I have now is the first one that's ever had a window-I've found that it helps me to "kind of" want to be in there!! Hope you're having an enjoyable weekend!!

Callie said...

Cottage Garden: Thank you! I enjoyed your lovely kitchen windows too.

Kim: I love windows, especially in the kitchen. Hope you are having a good weekend too.