Sunday, January 31, 2010

Egg Videos From YouTube

    Usually, the hens move away from me when I come towards them with the camera, but today this Wyandotte kept moving towards me as if to ask me to take a photo of her lovely feathers. I wonder if she was the smart one who figured out there were treats in the pen and came back inside.

   On the way back to the house I noticed that the moss has taken a real hold on the roof. I hadn't noticed because this is the back of the house and believe it or not this is the side of the house that gets sun all day (when it's out.) I knew there was some moss up there, but there is a lot more up there than last year.

   Yesterday, I spent some time searching around on YouTube for videos about eggs and came up with way, way too many to link to on this blog, but there are five I just couldn't resist posting. I also searched using Alton Brown eggs and came up with a lot of his videos. I like watching Alton and how he cooks. I found a bunch of good videos about how to poach eggs, make flan, make an omelet, etc., that I will watch another day.

   The first video is about how to peel a hard boiled egg and may just work if I give it a try. I use a straight pin to poke a hole in the large end of the egg before I put it in the water to keep it from cracking. I have always wondered about toast soldiers so I want to try this video about how to boil a perfect soft egg and use the egg cups I found at an antique store. My Dad made the very best scrambled eggs and I missed how he cooked them. I think he used this method and folded them too and made perfect scrambled eggs, but maybe without the cream? I first heard about Nigella in a book I read, so when I saw this video I had to watch it. I love mexican food and may try a version of this video on Mexican Scrambled Eggs. And this hard boiled egg looked so good I had to post this link to the perfect hard boiled egg.

   I love potato salad and always think of it when hard boiled eggs are mentioned. When the chickens finally start laying again one of the first things I want to make is a big bowl of potato salad. I need a good potato salad recipe. The one I remember had pickles, celery, mustard, mayonnaise, potatoes, eggs and ? I will have to search up a recipe. 

   Everyone must have their favorite way to prepare eggs, their favorite pan, whether they use oil or butter, bacon grease, etc. I use my small iron skillet, a little olive oil and then a little butter to check the temperature. If the butter bubbles the skillet is hot enough. Then I put the eggs in the pan and flip them once when the whites cook. I love poached eggs and after watching the poached egg videos I'm going to give them another try. I use white vinegar and they turn out OK, but I think I have the water too hot because part of the white leaves and floats around the pan.

[3 eggs today]

January 30, 2009
This quilt stuff is depressing me.



~Kim~ said...

The chicken is lovely, if I was a chicken and looked like her, I'd let you take my picture too! :-)

I love potato salad the way my Mom used to fix it with eggs, pickles, mayo, mustard a little bit of onion and a lot of love...But my friend makes "Redskin Potato Salad" that I have to admit is as good as Mom's!!

As far as how I like my eggs, I love them fried--In bacon grease of course! Everything in the morning is good flavored with bacon! It must be my southern heritage showing! Enjoy your Sunday!! :-)

Callie said...

Kim: My Great Aunt Bertha used to cook our eggs in bacon grease and spoon the hot grease over the yellows until they were white. Yummy eggs! The redskin potato salad sounds good.

Tanya said...

We had moss on our roof (and mold in our upstairs) because of overhanging trees dripping constantly. Someone convinced us to cut down the tree and I've been sad about it ever since. What right do I have to tell a tree it shouldn't be there... Moss is gone, but so is the tree...

reanaclaire said...

hi..i m claire from Greetings to u!
I like your post.. the chicken is not camera shy, i would say.. she must be yearning to be a model! LOL..

lisa said...

The wyndotte is a very nice looking bird that is for sure. I love hard boiled eggs in my salads! You have a good day, Callie.

Jennifer said...

That chicken is BEAUTIFUL, love her colors.

The moss is pretty but I'm sure its not good for your house.

I love farm fresh fried eggs... Dh just bought a seasoned cast iron skillet and I love cooking on it... I spray alittle cooking spray on it and fry my eggs :)

Toni aka irishlas said...

What a pretty hen! And I love the moss on the roof.
I have to tell you, I'm a quilter too, and the last quilt I did took 15 years to complete! I've started piecing another one and I've been working on that for three years!
I'll have to post a pic of the quilt - it's one of the few I've kept. Most I've given as gifts.

K-Falls Farmgirl Cheryl said...

I love your post about eggs & chickens. My chickens come running to the porch everytime I open the slider or they are already up on the porch waiting for treats..I love fried,boiled or poached eggs.. and hope I never have to buy them from the store ever again. We get 4 -5 a day from our 6 hens. I remember my grandma spooned bacon grease upon the yolks too as they cooked just after she flipped them over.. and I find myself doing the same thing. Nothing better than Bacon grease added to cooked grean beans or to use whenever I am out of bacon & want fried I keep a jar in my refrig. Yummy!

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

I have never heard of a toast solider I will have to go look into that. I am now craving egg and potato salad...

Becky's Barnyard said...

Thanks for the videos, They were really good. Like the moss on the roof.

Callie said...

Tanya: Yes, the moss may be doing bad things to the roof. I would love to have a new metal roof with skylights. Of course, I need a new deck first. Always something.

Reanaclaire: I think the hens are proud of how they look.

Lisa: Thank you. I love hard boiled eggs too.

Jennifer: Yes, but that roof is too steep to climb around on and it would cost a lot to cut down the trees or get someone to clean the roof. What to do?

Toni: Thank you, thank you. Now I don't feel so bad. I'll have to get a start again on the quilt this year.

Cheryl: Yes, things do taste very good when cooked with bacon grease.

Missy: I love toast and eggs too.

Becky: Glad you liked the videos. I haven't tried blowing an eggs shell off yet.

Callie said...

Jeri: I clicked to publish your comment, but it didn't show up here. Don't know what happened?
Hope to hear from you again.

Callie said...

Jeri: I found your comment on another post. Phew! I thought I had clicked to delete it by mistake.

John Gray said...

lovely hen I agree!!!
well taken too

DayPhoto said...

That is some amazing moss. Moss we don't have, ever. But with the moss comes the lovely shady trees.


Callie said...

John: Thank you!

Linda: I love the moss and trees too.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Mom loves Alton too. What great recipes..
Mom just makes potato salad with:
potatoes, eggs, raw onions miracle whip, grey poupon mustard, S&P..
She cheats by boiling the eggs and potatoes together.. Less pots to clean..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie