Sunday, January 10, 2010

Raking In The Rain

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Today the chickens and Morgan were out looking around for interesting things while I was out raking leaves off paths. I was also busy shoveling dirt along the bottom of part of the wire fence to cover the opening that the chickens made when they scratched all the dirt away and uncovered the bottom wire. I have tree trunks laid along part of the fence to help keep critters out.

I also started a new path,
but I'll wait to finish it until after I have raked all the leaves
away from the house and cleared the paths
 I already have that are covered.

I raked this path not long ago
so it has a light covering of leaves. The area around the house is rather deep in leaves and I'll have to push the snow shovel along and scoop and push what I can out of the way before I start raking. So far, that has turned out to be the fastest and easiest method I've come up with to move the leaves. Well, there is the blower, but it is so noisy, takes a lot of electricity, and I don't get the benefit of much exercise walking around with ear muffs and goggles, blowing leaves all over the place.

It rained a little while I was raking which was rather fun since I was nice and dry under the trees. If there had been any lightning I would have quit and gone inside, but there wasn't, so I got to enjoy the rain falling around me and the trees. Morgan and the hens didn't care about the rain and kept on about their business.

I ran across an (click here) article about food rationing in Britain that had a very interesting video. I remember my mother dressing like that and the hair styles. That video brought back a lot of memories. I remember my Dad wearing hats and rolling cigarettes. I was born in 1941 and have memories of finding and playing with ration books and stamps around 1945. I think I must have got in trouble because I remember my Mom finding me and a lot of talking about buying things. We would go to the country to visit my Mom's family on the farm and that is where I first saw a chicken house full of just hatched fluffy yellow chicks. I thought the chicks were so cute, and there were so many of them! I wanted some chickens of my very own. And now I do!

[1 egg today]
I think it was from the broody Australorp.



lisa said...

I love your paths through the trees!

Barbee' said...

I just discovered your blog. I love reading about people's animals. I don't always feel like commenting, but I will usually at least say Hi so you will know someone was here.