Saturday, January 02, 2010


This photo of Morgan is one that I just had to post. I caught her in the chicken pen a few months ago before I put up the fence to keep her out of the coop. I was looking through iPhoto the other day deleting photos and noticed I had this shot of her licking her lips after a snack on the chicken feed. Anyway, I dragged the photo to my Photo Drop widget and had it save to the desktop. And here it is with a push pin. LOL

I have a widget on my Mac dashboard called Photo Drop that I thought I got from Apple, but I couldn't find a link to it now when I did a search on their site. It was free when I downloaded it to my dashboard and I'm sure I got it from Apple because I am very careful what I download on this computer.

Photo Drop is easy to use, has several settings, let's you crop and resize, and is fun to play around with. I just drag the photo to the box and drop it and then click settings. This is the page clicking on the widget takes me to, but I don't see Photo Drop. Maybe they changed it or don't offer it anymore. I did find this article, and the download may still be on the web somewhere.

I made baked apples in the dutch oven and they exploded! Yep! I didn't notice that Tom loaded the stove up with wood. My fault. I'll have to watch the fire more closely. It was way too hot!

[4 eggs today]
I guess I should give the hens more ham hock skins.



lisa said...

She looks soooo innocent:)

Jennifer said...

What a cute picture!

Chicken Boys said...

My cats like to eat the chicken feed, too. LOL Getting more eggs now, eh?

DayPhoto said...

Now doesn't that just look like the most innocent of faces?


John Gray said...

whats a dutch oven????

Nancy K. said...

I'll bet that SMELLED WONDERFUL!!!

I love the photo with the push-pin. I wonder if I can do that on a PC...

Tanya said...

Great picture of Morgan. You sure are getting knowegable about blogging. Widgets? Never heard of them!