Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis - Day 13

Today the puppies caught up
on their sleep
and slept
most of the morning.

They have playtime together
before breakfast,

Sometimes also before
lunch and dinner.

This depends on how
sleepy they are.

The puppies spend more time
with their person
than they do with each other.

Today Libby ate all her food.
So, I fixed her a larger portion.
Banner still had a bit of food
left that Libby finished.

Banner and Libby
sleeping together this week.
Libby was sleeping this evening
while Banner and I sat
together and watched
a bit of Hatari.

Banner really liked the baby elephants
and watched them
intently with ears pricked straight up.
He liked the monkeys too.

My iPad has maxed out
its storage
and I can't take photos.

I'll have to move or delete
some photos or videos.


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