Saturday, January 07, 2017

Raising Two Puppies - Day 9

The Moveable Schedule:

Okay, so it's not really a schedule, but more of a list of what we've been doing with our puppies. It's not easy raising two at once. LOL. :D

The puppies
are taken out on a leash to potty.
Libby has a purple one with a collar!
Banner has a woven leash
with a slip/slide collar.

Nighttime Potty:
This morning I took Banner
out of his crate
and out to potty
at 2:40am
when he woke me up
with little barks.

I take Banner out to Potty
before he goes in his crate at any time
and again as soon
as he comes out when he wakes up.

Potty Breaks
Before Breakfast
and After Breakfast:
I take Banner out to Potty
before and after
he eats.

The puppies are taken out
to potty
before and after all meals.
They have 20 minutes to eat.
Then the food is removed.

The puppies are taken out
to potty
after they wake up from
a nap.

When we think the puppies
need to potty
we take them out.

The weather is messing with
our Puppy Schedule.
The fun walks and visiting
we had planned
have are not happening
because of the rain and snow.

Because we are in the house
all the time
we have set up separate areas
for the puppies
where we can be near

Also we spend time playing
with our puppies individually
and have
short training
simple command sessions
like sit.

It is 10:20am
and I am still trying to
find time to eat my breakfast
and drink my tea.

So, I'm going to post photos
of the puppies
in their play pens
next to us.
They are in separate rooms.
They do not call to each other.
And they are doing better for this, instead of
constantly fixating on each other,
instead of their people.

They sleep and play with their toys
next to us
during the day
when they are not out
with us.

Banner's play pen. :)
His crate is next to where I sleep.

Libby's play pen.
Her crate is next to where Kristine sleeps.
This crate is extra.

It is now 1:30...update...
The puppies have finished Lunch.
And I'm off to take Banner out.


LindaG said...

Glad to hear things are going well for you all! ^__^

Lori Skoog said...

I have not been here in ages! Loved seeing all your posts about the new puppies. They are adorable!

diane b said...

A full time job.