Thursday, January 05, 2017

Raising Two Puppies - Day 7

The puppies saw the vet today
and had a puppy health check.
Their next vaccinations will be next week.

The puppies are tired
after a day with new experiences
and their dinner.

The puppies both went in the crate
for the first time
together to sleep.

Libby got too warm
and left to sleep on the floor.

Now they are both out
sleeping on the cool floor.

Kristine and I are tired.
Very tired.
I'm going to go eat
while the puppies sleep.

Libby will be
taken out to potty
around 2:30am.

She wakes up at night
and cries
because she has to go potty.

Banner may want to go out too.

So far neither puppy
has gone potty
in their crates.

But going out in the
middle of the
night should make
life easier for them.

We will try this out
and see how things go.


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