Monday, January 30, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis - Day 30 and update 31/32

"If you have the feeling
that something is wrong
don't be afraid to speak up."

January 30th, 2017
I'll be away for a bit today.

Hope to post puppy photos later.

 I grew up in the 1940's
and was taught and grew up believing
that America was a country for all.
All beliefs, races, etc., were to be respected
and America was a great country
because it was a
"melting pot.

The majority of Americans
did not vote for Trump.
He became president because
of the electoral collage.

 I believe the majority of Americans
are very afraid and appalled
at Trump's and the Republicans actions.

I too am afraid.
What will happen?
Is America a free country?
Will Americans speak up
for change
and see that our
constitution is followed?

Or is this the beginning
of the end
of America as I knew it?

Should I be afraid
 because I have expressed my opinion here?
 Yes, I am afraid
but I will speak up.

I'm going to knit myself
a pinkpussyhat.
And wear it!

And speak up!

Update Day 31

Libby had a bit of a reaction
to the vaccination.
She is still a bit lethargic.
However, she ate
and still played some.
The vet said she should
be recovered by 11pm.

Banner seems to have not
had a reaction.

We are tired.
Going to bed early.
An hour early I hope.

Hope Libby is feeling
back to normal
in the morning.

nite, nite


Update February 1st
Banner is barking.
I took him out.
He is in his play pen.
His breakfast is cooking.
If I go back where he can see me he
will stop barking.
He is quiet now.
I'll go back when he is not barking.
Libby will be down soon
and they will play.



diane b said...

Well done and good for you. I hope America returns to stable government soon.

Lane said...

Some people have the courage to speak loudly. Some people have the courage to speak softly. The important thing is that we all speak against what is wrong.

I wonder what I'd look like in one of those pink hats. That would be a loud statement, eh?

Be well. Be peaceful. And speak your mind. Lane

Carol S. said...

Well said, Callie!
I just finished knitting pink hats for my friend's husband and son.

Tanya said...

Your puppies are growing fast!

Thank you for expressing your thoughts about the recent politics. I have the same fears. America is changing faster than I understand it.