Monday, January 02, 2017

Raising Two Puppies - Day 4

Puppies in the Snow!

Libby and Banner
(Libby, short for Liberty)
Fun in the Snow!


Play Time
After Breakfast
Warm and Dry

More fun in the snow soon
and then nap time.

The puppies had a good time
running around in the snow.
And we had a good time
watching them.

Tonight will be the first night 
the puppies
will be sleeping separately
in their own dog crates.

After breakfast
and another playtime in the snow
they needed a nap.

Since they were sleepy
they each fell asleep
without much complaint.
Just a few whimpers.

Banner is having his nap
in his crate
next to where I sleep.

Libby went to sleep
in the common area
shown in the last photo.

She has her own crate
ready for her to use later.

Hopefully, I'll be able to
report tomorrow
that they each had a quiet night.

Libby loves the snow.
She dove in it like a fox.
Scooped up snow on her nose
and tossed it in the air.

loves to run around in the snow,
roll around,
sniff around,
and then play with Libby.



LindaG said...

I hope you get your quiet night!
Have a blessed week!

Tanya said...

Banner and Libby... nice to meet you!