Friday, January 20, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis - Day 22

It's been three weeks
of puppy.

Today I was home alone
with Libby and Banner
for the morning.

Lunch will be served soon.

They had play time together
before lunch

Banner finished lunch
and is looking
at me asking to go outside,

Libby is still eating lunch.
She is going to be a big girl.
These poor puppies
have been
trapped inside most days 
because of the weather.

I'm very glad to have the
rain and snow
but our plans for the puppies
have not happened.

Kristine thinks that Libby
has grown enough
that she won't fit through
the deck railings.
Hope so.

But so far they are still
on a leash when 
we take them out to potty.

Seems we spend lots of the day
toweling dry
wet, wiggling, squirmy puppies.
Maybe they think
it's a game?

In the Summer,
a dry forest full of dry crunchy
leaves is going to be
a new experience
for them.

Not the wet soggy leaves
they see now.


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Angie said...

Oh My Goodness they are the cutest little things EVER!!!! :D I have always wanted a Corgi---I'm owned by weenie dogs :)