Friday, January 06, 2017

Raising Two Puppies - Day 8

Today Kristine had errands to run
and that left me alone
with two puppies.


That was a cry for help.
It is very, very difficult for one
person to care for two puppies.

I was very glad to see Kristine
back at home
this afternoon.
And so was Libby.

Today there was none of this:

Libby and Banner
We decided that today we would
separate the puppies.
Each puppy has a play area
and their own toys and crate.

The puppies are much more relaxed tonight.
The time they usually spent
winding each other up playing
they spent with us.
They are calmer and we are finding
it easier to read their signals
for wanting to go out to potty.

They will have some playtime together.
We will schedule that.

More photos tomorrow.
We do have a plan.
I'll write down what I'm planning
for Banner.

And I'll post
about Libby's progress.


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