Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Raising Two Puppies - Day 6

The snow is gone
but thankfully we have lots of rain.

Banner likes to hold the leash.
He thinks it makes a great
chew toy.
We let the puppies
play with it
so they won't fear the leash.

Tug of war, he wins.

The leash is not attached
or on the puppies.
They both have the
end of the
leash by their teeth.
I let them win.

The rain keeps us inside
and has changed our plans on
spending a lot of alone time
outside with our puppies.

Tomorrow they go to the vets
for scheduled vaccinations.

Lap full of Puppies
Sleepy puppies.
Nap before dinner.

Chicken with kibble, etc., dinner.
Hamburger tomorrow.
Separate pans.
Learning to eat on their own.
Close but not the same dish. 

Nite, Nite
Last night Banner slept through
the night without
after I got to bed.
Libby still had some trouble
with waking up and
Kristine is in need of sleep.

We want the puppies
to sleep separately
in their own crates
by their person
so they will bond with us
instead of just each other.

People say you can not
raise two puppies
but we hope we
can because
we each 
have one puppy.

We just need to
raise them
as if they 
were the
in the house.

I didn't explain this
very well.
But the love and attention
one puppy would get
needs to be given
to each of these
by their person.

because the puppies
want to be together
They grew up in a litter.

We need to spend at least
as much time with them
as they spend with each other.

Lovely puppies!

The end.

Until tomorrow.
I couldn't resist the caption.


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Tanya said...

I love your 'end'.