Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis - Day 18/19


Yesterday I ran out of time
(so no blog post)
and Kristine said
I should just give up on
writing about the puppies.

I have to watch him with the red soft chew toy
because he pulls off threads
and I don't want him to eat them.

Because it is getting boring!
Yes, I suppose it is
but I do want some kind of
record about what
went on
even if it is boring.

Yesterday, Kristine had to run
errands and I was
left alone with the puppies.

She is trying out the crate door
as a potential chew toy.
That's a no no.

I really don't know how
someone could raise two puppies
all by their self.
Just taking them in and out of
the house one at a time
to potty is a lot to do
and keep track of
who did what.

Well, I survived
but no blog post yesterday.
And today is not a whole
lot better time wise.

Time for me to go warm
up the puppies dinner.

Hope Kristine can get
some photos.

Yep, she did.
As you can tell.

My iPad is a 2nd generation
and won't update to ios 10.
The storage is full.
I think I will be forced to
get a new iPad.
Not so bad.



Kathleen said...

Puppies! I like puppy updates. :D

LindaG said...

You can always give them a beef bone for a chew toy, or buy some of that leather stuff from a pet store. We got some sort of cod skin dog chew things the other day for our kitten who insist on chewing on boxes and papers. They work for a little until she loses interest, haha.

You all take care and God bless.

suz said...

definitely not boring. good puppies. ^--^ --suz in ohio, with 5 kitties