Thursday, January 12, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgi Puppies - Day 14

Today Banner figured out how
to make his soft
chew toy squeak

Banner and  chew toy.
Libby does love her dinner.
She took her food dish
into her crate.
Placed it on edge
and proceeded to lick
it clean
while stretched out in
comfort on pillows.

I made her more food.

Honest, Libby has her head in the dish,

The puppies are walking
well on leash.
Banner still likes to carry
a bit of the leash sometimes.

I took Banner for a short walk
under the trees.
Don't think I will do that
again until it dries out a bit.
The leaves are slippery wet.
Not real safe out there.

Very glad we have the fenced deck.
The puppies are growing
so fast that it won't
be long before they will not
be able to fit between
the railings.
They will be able to run around
on the deck without a leash.
That will be a sight
and a lot of fun for them.


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diane b said...

Its going well then