Saturday, September 01, 2012

Job #8 - Closet - I'm still typing this post...

Job #8 - This closet was a real bear.
I didn't expect to find canned food that was leaking.
And scary!
I didn't want to deal with the mess... but I did.

This is a photo of the closet after I cleaned up the mess.
All nice and neat!

I took out two of the shelves
so I now have room for the vacuum.
It is a little tricky to get in there
but it is sure nice to have a place to store the hose & vacuum.

I had to send Morgan upstairs.
I didn't want her to lick up any of the drips.

This is all the stuff (even the shelf) I bagged up for the dumps.
It had all got spattered and dripped on.

Good news!
New deck in the works. I like the light gray color.

This is the closet I'm going to empty tomorrow.
I'll do the same thing I did today.
I take every thing out
and put it on the hall floor.
And then only put back the things I will actually use.
Sure hope I don't find any more surprises.

Here is a photo of Dorsal and one of the other Austrlorps.
Dorsal is in front.
Kristine named her because her tail looks like
it could be a shark fin.
She is a funny chicken.
Thinks she is hot stuff.

Had to post in a hurry.
Didn't realize it was so late.

1 egg today.


1 comment:

LindaG said...

I can see that Dorsal thinks she is hot stuff, haha.
And Eww. Great way to deal with the mess. Toss the shelves and store the vacuum. If there are any other cans, you'll be checking them more often by putting it there.
Have a great day!