Sunday, September 02, 2012

Job 9 - More Closets

Job #9 offered up some items I found hidden away.
There were these cute little salt and pepper shakers.
I love the pigs in the trough.
And I'm keeping the little clear glass cream container.
I remember getting those in a restaurant
(sitting on the saucer) when I ordered coffee with cream.

And this fishing rod belonged to my father.
I don't fish, but this rod
is so well crafted I have decided to keep it around.
Back in the closet it goes.
Pretty thing.

This is the after photo to the one taken yesterday.

And this is the after photo
of the hall closet where I found the fishing rod.

Never know what you're going to find...

I found my birth certificate
and this photo taken in the 1980's at Lake Tahoe.
That's me and family.

4 eggs today



LindaG said...

What great finds! Maybe you can hang the fishing rod on a wall with family photos or something.
I love that you have so many closets with great things in them.
Anything that was in these closets has long been tossed or hocked by the transients who lived there.
Have a wonderful week!

Carol said...

very cool! and wow have you been busy!