Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 9 - Some Repair Work Finished

Well, the repair work was finished on the front of the house.
The stain on the siding didn't quite match
but it will be hidden by
the trim boards and the deck.

The supports along the side are almost up to the
front of the house.

I finished setting and filling two more frames
this morning before I had to leave
to go to town.
And I hung up a holder for the hose.
Neatness counts or so I was always told.

I figure the soil will settle over the winter
and I will need to add more soil for Spring planting.
I have two more frames to set into the ground
so the soil doesn't leak away around the edges.
I need more good dirt.

When we got home the chickens had gone to bed!

0 eggs today

I changed my Google password
so if I can't get back to my account for a while that's why...
I sure hope my new password works.
Changing passwords is always kinda scary for me.
I really hate passwords.
Trying to remember them is a pain.
But they do need to be changed fairly often.


1 comment:

LindaG said...

Everything is looking good!
And I agree about passwords.

Have a wonderful weekend!