Sunday, September 16, 2012

1st Post From Idaho

Greetings From Idaho!

This is a very quick post because it is late
and there are no photos
because I haven't figured out how to load
iPad photos into this blog.

I took over 500 photos
on our trip to Idaho
and I would like to use at least
a few in this blog.

I think I probably need aps?
But I need to get some sleep and
will have to figure this out tomorrow.

Don't know what the chickens
were up to today?



LindaG said...

I thought the title said 'First potato from Idaho'. (o.0)

Have fun!

I don't mind comment moderation, but I really don't like the stuff I have to figure out to type in to prove I'm not a robot. :o\

Tanya said...

Egads! After all that work you NEED a break! I guess I need to take a month off of blogging and get some work done around here too!