Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 7 - Not Much Work On Deck

There was not much work done building the deck today
because of all the work spent repairing
the dry rot damage.

The rotten wood was cut away, and they will treat the remaining wood
with a termite and sealing chemical.
And put back new wood and siding.
Just like new!

Kristine wanted to know what was happening with her deck.
Not much,
except they took away all the rotten wood.

 Tom is working on hooking up a water line
to the greenhouse.

I have been working on getting all the planter frames
cut to size and nailed together.
Most of the frames in this photo are not nailed together,
but I did finish nailing them all this afternoon.

Tomorrow, I will dig up the soil, turn it over, water it well,
set the frames and add new soil.
The two thriving plants are Thyme and Rosemary.
Hardy little plants.
I only water them a few times a year.

The chickens have adjusted to life in their pen.
They don't even try to rush the door when I go in to give them feed.
That didn't take too long.

0 eggs today
Went to the store and bought a dozen eggs.
The hens don't look like they are molting... maybe?


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