Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Old Deck - New Deck

This morning I woke up to the sound of
screeching nails being pulled out of boards and
of the boards hitting the ground and other boards.

Also, there was the sound of Morgan barking!

Amazingly, Morgan calmed down
and stopped barking
when she saw that I was calm and happy.

I explained that the men
were going to make us a new deck.
A new Porch!
I think she must have understood me
because she just watched them
unless they came up to the slider.
Then she barked.
She didn't want them in the house.

I found these two cups in a cupboard.
Each of the girls picked a cup
from their Grandmother.
Now I can take Kathleen her cup!
The one on the left.

The chickens are behind bars!
I tossed a whole can of corn around in the straw.
And they have watermelon.
Plus two feeders.
They were quiet all day.

Only 1 egg today though.
Like Kristine says...
we need chicks.
New chickens.
These girls are old.
But they are keepers.



Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

Congrats on the deck! My chickens are old,too. We need to get babies next spring, so right now I am running a chicken retirement home, because I am not making chicken soup much to Joels disappointment...:)

Barbee' said...

I read all these job posts straight through one after another. My feeling was: Woman, stop, sit down, and take a breather! Whew! But, aren't you proud of all those accomplishments!

lisa said...

Nothing like a new place to sit. Poor chickens ;)