Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 8 - Old Deck - New Deck

Looks like someone has been mixing cement.

The landing for the stairs.
Soon to be stairs...

Work on the deck at the side of the house
is coming along nicely.
Almost ready for deck boards. 

The workmen do a high wire act
and walk those long boards.
Looks like the repair work is finished.
New siding needs to be cut and nailed in place
before work on this part of the deck resumes.

Kristine's deck is being torn apart a bit more.
And some repair work is still to be done.

Good news...
 there will be a new slider up there!
The old one leaked and was hard to slide open.
And another slider that leaks will be replaced
and a window that is hard to open.

More good news!
There is now a functioning water faucet in the garden.
No more hooking hoses together and dragging
them to the garden.

The frame in the front is set, full of good soil
and ready for Spring planting.
I have a lot more work to do
to get the other frames ready.

I'll be out there working tomorrow afternoon.
I get my hair cut tomorrow morning.
So nice to have easy access to water!

Chickens had carrot peelings today.

The chickens will be locked up until the deck is finished.

3 eggs today
Good girls!!!



lisa said...

Looks like things are coming along pretty darn good!

Knatolee said...

Looking good! Love those chickens.

LindaG said...

Everything is looking good, Callie!

Haha. At first I thought you said there would be a new spider up there. (o.0)


Happy Wednesday! Glad your chickens are forgiving you. :o)