Sunday, September 09, 2012

Day 6 - Quiet Day - No Work On Deck

Today I worked in the garden clearing weeds and raking leaves.
And I cut old boards.

Then I nailed the boards together.
I took the shortest board and cut the rest to that length. 

Eight boards equal two square frames.
More boards to cut and nail tomorrow.

The hen told me of a plan...

There is an 
Australorp digging an escape tunnel...

She won't get far!
She got distracted by corn.
What tunnel?


1 egg today
Kristine thinks the hens may be molting.
That would slow down the egg laying or stop it altogether.


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Goose Hill Farm said...

Good evening~

Your hens are beautiful! Ours have so much to say anytime I walk outside...they have to give me the coop scoop! LOL

Have a great week!